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Allow DEFSA to take control of your farm staffing operation, so you can focus on other business operations that will ensure you meet your farm business's growth projections and plan for the year.

4 out of every 5 failed commercial farm owner in Nigeria, believes that the lack of access to credible and affordable farm staff, is one of the biggest reason their farms failed to hit profitability, and hence folded up.

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We are Building the Future of Farm Productivity

DEFSA Technology is an agricultural staff marketplace startup, that uses HR analytics to help farms and agricultural businesses, across Nigeria to hire and manage staff, both skilled and unskilled.

Farm across the Nation relies both on the engagement of both skilled and unskilled workers to run an efficient farm business; This is why DEFSA as a company have developed certain Ideals, on which it derives its methodology to help various farm hire the right team to take their farm to the next level.

We are HARE!


At the foundation of our recruitment lies honesty, we check for this in all our recruit, so farm can have dependable staff.


We have multiple product that have been crafted to help farm increase their profit margin via access to all year round affordable farm staffs


Our response to concerns around farm staffing challenges is apt and impeccably timely. We pride in good customer service.


Why pay more for what you could pay less for, This statement is all we stand for. We are only able to do this by proper evaluation.

DEFSA Marketplace

Say goodbye to wasteful services by unskilled farm labour, and say yes to farm businesses that are positioned for higher profit margin.

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Benefits of our staffing marketplace include:

Work Based Deployment

Get farm staff tailored to your farm needs and efficiency. Hire the appropriate quantity of staff.

Flexible Work Ethics

Hire within the time frame of the work to be done, Save money by hiring staff for a limited time.

Value based Payment

Pay only for the job done and not for the unproductive time. Let efficiency be the priority on your farm

DEFSA Project 2000/100

Project 2000/100 is the first phase of an ambition to employ and designate about 100,000 skilled and unskilled farm staff to various commercial farms across Nigeria before December 2025.

The 2000 stands for the number of staff to be onboarded and the 100 stands for the number of farms we plan to deploy these staffs to.

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Work with DEFSA Technologies

You could work with us as any of the following.

  • Partners
  • Farm Managers
  • Farm Supervisors
  • Specialized Contract Staffs (Accountant, Surveyor, Consultants, Water Management Expert, e.t.c.)

Benefits of working with DEFSA Technologies include:

  • Timely and progressive payment structure with possibility of placement choice.
  • Progressive career growth in the agricultural sector.


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No 1, Lonlo Street, Off Ekoro Road, Abule Egba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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